Our award winning KeethaMail® Phone system can make your office sound like a Fortune 500 company. KeethaMail® can play a professional greeting to your customers 24/7 and gather important messages that will help you grow your business.

Do you have an old Phone system with analog (or Plain old Telephone -POT) lines coming into your office?

No problem KeethaMail® is a high-brid system that can convert those lines into a state-of-the-art phone system and bring your office new patients and help keep in touch with existing patients.

It must cost a lot to upgrade the Phone system?

NO! Not with KeethaMail® Phone system. For small offices the price starts below $1000.

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Our company provides HIPA- compliant, secure email backup and patient reminders. We give you all the tools needed to streamline your business operation and keep things running smoothly. We are a trusted name in the medical field and will help with all your communication needs.

HIPAA-Compliant Services for Your Office

We have built our solutions from ground up keeping in mind HIPAA compliance. Nothing is more important than our customer’s complete satisfaction. PatientOfficeManagement is an industry leader and will make your practice operate more efficiently.

We guarantee.
We guarantee that patient data is securely stored and access by your office. All files stored on our servers are encrypted and can only be decrypted using your password and our software.
We deliver.
Not only files you store on our Cloud servers are encrypted but when you access those data is also secure. We use SSL secure connection that financial instituitions use when accessing Banking data.
Success Story

“We at Reliance medical decided to use KeethaMail® for our communications. They did marvelous work, in turn got our-self a much needed boost.”

Video: Reliance Medical Story
Secure Email
Send and receive patient data emails between doctor offices.
Patient Reminders
Send patient appointment reminders as email, sms-text or phone call.
Affordable Custom Website
We build affordable custom websites for medical offices.
Secure Backup
Backup your office data securely.
Office phone system
Hibryd phone system that can be used as VoIP or Plain Old Telephone (POT- Analog) phone system.
Manage your EMR data
We can keep you OpenDental EMR software data up-to-date.

Your office. Our HIPAA services.